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Holy guacamole guys, Tallula is 6 months old and I am just now writing this blog! Wowza time flies. Im a little embarrassed with how long this has taken me but on the flip side it has given me 6 months of genuine trial and error and I know exactly what pieces I would recommend for a new Mama and/or Papa. This list will not cover all things you could ever need for baby, I will just share my top picks and go to items for a new babe. Lets do this!

*To skip my review scroll to end for quick shopping list with individual items linked and ready to shop*



This co-sleeper has been Talulla’s bed every night since birth. It fits in bed between Matthew and I, we have a King bed. She is safely in between us but protected from us rolling in on her or her rolling out. It’s been a dream. She’s also a rockstar sleeper; been sleeping 6-9 hours every night since 4 weeks old. I don’t know if the Dock-A-Tot is a part of why, but I love this thing!

Wildfern 2 stage crib mattress from Brentwood Home

Baby girl naps in her crib and her rock n play. She sleeps really well in both for her nap time and I believe in the crib it’s because she has a killer mattress. Firm but soft enough to provide comfort. She only naps on her crib because, until she’s a but bigger, she’ll co-sleep with us.

Graco Sound Machine

Essential. We have one for Tallula and Finnegan. Yes, Finn still uses his and he is 6 years old. They are a sleep game changer. Get one. This Graco one we use we have had for 6 years and it works like a champ. Our model is no longer available but I haven’t reviewed any other, but do recommend finding a solid sound machine.



We LOVE our Mamaroo. Tallula will lounge in this bad boy for 20-30 minutes at a time and let me get work done. She’s literally swaying in it as I type this. Her two favorite settings are Car Ride and Kangaroo. It’s not a napping seat for our girl but she loves the upright option so she can look out at the world, cradled and safe.


This seat is more of a bassinet style and Lula will fall asleep here often. She doesn’t like it for when she is alert and wants to look out and coo. But when she’s tired and dozing off we lay her here and she’ll drift of to sleep as it rocks her gently.

Boppy Lounger

This is different then the traditional Boppy. My husband thought I was ridiculous for wanting both. But the lounger is just a fully reclined safe pillow seat for baby to relax on the floor, chair, sofa, without slipping down like in a traditional Boppy. Bonus it makes for an amazing back rest when sitting up in bed for a night feeding. This is because the shape is unlike a regular pillow and provides both amazing lumbar support and neck support. Just trust me on this, I use it every night!

Fischer Price Baby Bouncer

This might be Tallula’s favorite seat and at under $30 bucks how can you not give it a shot! It has a vibrating option but mostly moves by manual bouncing movement created by baby. She legitimately rocks out in this bad boy! Our most used seat from ages 3-6 months and counting.


Kickee Pants

I am obsessed with these clothes you guys. They are SO soft and stretchy. They’re organic and made out of natural materials but I cannot stress how soft and amazing they are enough!! They have tons of options for boys and girls from birth and beyond!

Blu Taylor Head Wraps

If you follow on IG you have most certainly seen miss T in her head wraps. These are gold. They actually stay on her head and look fierce while doing it. Again so soft and so well made. Obsessed.

Top Knots

These are a similar fabric as the above Blu Taylor hats but instead of a ruffle detail they have an adorable top knot bun. Our little Mama is 6 months and is still bald; these hats give her the warmth that a bow can’t offer and the girly sass that I love. They also stay put on her head.



This is an oldie but goodie. I only feed Tallula without the Boppy when Im not with the Boppy. It’s my go to breastfeeding accessory.

Copper & Pearl Bibs

These bibs are super stylish but also really absorbent. They have a smooth burp cloth style side and an absorbent soft blanket side. They actually dry up the spit up and absorb the rogue milk when my chest acts like a leaking faucet TMI.

Medea Pump’n Style Breast Pump

I pump a few times a day to have extra milk on hand in case we need to be out and about and I can’t easily feed her where we are going. This bad boy is efficient and I was told by my lactation consultant, the absolute best pump on the market.


Lorena Canals ABC Rug

This rug is machine washable, need I say more!? Its so stinking cute and looks good in literally any room because its neutral, but its such an amazing asset to be machine washable because… hello, spit happens.

Spot Cloud Reversible Playmat

This is a great play mat. Super soft but totally wipable and easy to keep clean. I legitimately have been asked where the rug is from some many times by people who want to buy it as an area rug, not reliazing its a play mat. WIN. Mostly though its just so nice to have a spot to do tummy time and floor time that is easy to keep clean and free of dog hair.


City Go Mini Travel System

We LOVE our stroller and car seat combo. This travel system isn’t the cheapest but its also definitely not the most expensive by any means. Its super easy to use, one hand folding stroller and totally safe and cozy seat for baby girl. It has the single swivel front wheel vs the 4 set wheels and it makes all the difference in the world. Would buy again and again.

Binxy Cart Carrier

This thing is seriously cool. It attaches to the sides of your cart allowing your little one to rest safely in the middle hammock style. When they are too small for the cart seat. Its amazing for Moms with a kiddo who needs to sit in the cart because tis hammock can fit in the cart, the second kiddo can fit in the cart seat and groceries can fit under the hammock. It’s gold.

Skip Hop Downtown Chic Diaper Backpack

We had a diaper bag with Finn and this go round I knew I wanted to a backpack. Guys backpack is the way to go. So much room for storage and so easy to carry while keeping both your hands fully free for taking care of kiddos. Also they make super chic options now so you can still look stylish. 


Baby Love Quilts Blankie

This sweet blanket is so soft and warm and beautiful. We were able to choose the fabric (punchy floral) from the shop and have the perfectly baby size blanket custom made for our girl. Ours is super girly but they make baby boy and girl blankets and even name blankets too. Tallula doesn’t leave home without hers. It is seen below on rocker.

Cuddle & Kind Dolls

Every kiddo needs a forever doll, one that ages with them and becomes their best bud. Cuddle & Kind makes THE BEST dolls in all different sizes and styles. We went ahead and got one for Finnegan too because they are just too stinking cute not for both of our babes to have one.


Article Embrace Rocking Chair

This rocking chair is the rocking chair my dreams are made. It is so freaking pretty and looks so good in every room, but it’s also so comfy. The number of stories and feedings and lullabies it has already seen is too many to count; we adore it.

Incy Sophia Crib

It’s a timeless crib. Beautiful black iron that has a vintage look but also plays well in a modern design. Can work for a boy or a girl and in any nursery decor style.



This is just the cutest way ever to say pacifier attached to a stuffed animal. But for whatever reason the Wubbanub is the only pacifier Tallula has liked.


Sophie Teething Giraffe

The famous giraffe teether toy to the rescue. It’s a staple for a reason. Tallula is particularly into gumming everything. Sophie is my homegirl.

Nose Frida

The concept of this thing is totally gross and weirded me out, I’ll let you check it out and see what I mean by that. BUT it really works. Gross concept or not this bad boy is legit and when miss Tallula had her first cold I was so happy I had snagged one. Way easier on baby and parents then the traditional aspirator.

Boogy Wipes

This wipes are different then baby wipes. They are soft and made for wiping faces. Babies are messy. The boogers and spit up are plentiful and real. Having these cleaning wipes on hand has been a solid win.

Cool Mist Humidifier

These are a must have staple in baby land. You cant have a kiddo and not have a cool mist humidifier. Life savers when those nasty germs attack and their little noses are all stuffed up. Trust me! We have had a couple colds and these have been life saving to help her sleep.


($$$=over $200, $$=mid-range, $=under $50)

DockATot $$

Brentwood Home Crib Mattress $$$

Graco Sound Machine *no longer available

Mamaroo $$$

Rock N Play $$

Boppy Lounger $

Fischer Price Bouncer $

Kickee Pants $

Blu Taylor Hats $

Top Knot Hats $

Boppy $

Copper & Pearl Bibs $

 Medela Pump & Style Breast Pump $$$

Lorena Canals ABC Rug $$

Spot Cloud Reversible Play Mat $$

City Go Mini Travel System $$$

Skip Hop Downtown Chic Diaper Backpack $$

Baby Love Quilts Blankie $

Cuddle & Kind Dolls $

Binxy Cart Carrier $

Article Embrace Rocking Chair $$$

Incy Crib $$$

Wubbanub $

Sophie Teething Giraffe $

Nose Frida $

Boogy Wipes $

Cool Mist Humidifier $

These are the items I could not do without day in and day out these past 6 months! We have many items we use often but these are the ones I would recommend again and again for Mommies to be! I hope this list is helpful of you! Happy shopping and CONGRATULATIONS to all of the new additions in your lives.


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