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We live in an older home and most of the rooms do not have overhead lighting. This makes choosing the right lighting crucial for function, in addition to it simply being beautiful.

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Since we added the CB2 shelves to the family room I have had to up my shelf styling game.  I wasn’t sure which direction I wanted to take shelf styling until I found 25:40 LoveCo. Their pieces inspired the theme of the shelves. Im going to share with you my 2540 Love Co finds and 7 easy tips to help you style your own shelving.

From 2540 Love Co I snagged some natural styling elements in concrete and wood. These items made finding complimentary pieces easy and I think the end result is calm but still totally interesting and textural. Couldn’t have done it without 25:40 LoveCo.

The first pieces are the concrete candlesticks. They’re subtle in tone but very interesting in shape and can be styled as a set of 3 or separated.

The next pieces are the wood vases. Basically petite raw wood vase sculptures. They’re warm and worn and pair so well with any color palette. Obsessed.

Next are a pair of concrete storage boxes. Perfect size to drop our keys in, hiding them on shelf but keeping them accessible and right near the door. I have separated my set onto two different shelves, seen below.

The lastly a large wooden bowl. I am obsessed with this piece. While it is too large for the shelves it is the perfect size for our mantel, coffee table, dining table, console table… the list goes on. It’s perfection.

I sincerely you suggest checking out 2540 Love co. The pieces I have are just the tip of the iceberg.They have an incredible selection and fair prices. Love them as a source for home decor! You will too.


  1. Choose a color palette. I like working with mostly neutrals and pop of color. My shelf palette is Black, White, Grey, Wood and the color pop is green. The green comes from the plants.
  2. Incorporate plants. Potted plants or a vase of flowers. The texture and movement from plants keeps in interesting.
  3. Grouping items of varying heights, also specifically in sets of three. Groupings of three just feel right to our eye.
  4. Use books. Use them as styling pieces try putting them on their side, stack them, stack a candle on top of them. Use the books to create the varying height mentioned in step 3.
  5. Make sure not to style with too many solid objects. You need to break up the bulk with some dead space. The black candle holder I used on my shelves (seen in below image) fill a large portion of shelf but allow loads of wall behind it to show through.
  6. Don’t overwhelm the shelf with too many family pictures, it becomes busy. Reason being is that each picture has so much going on in and of itself. So ten picture frames of ten shots of your kiddos in 10 outfits, 10 backdrops, 10 poses… it becomes visual clutter. *note: bookshelves and picture ledge shelves are not the same and different rules apply
  7. Personalize it. I added our wedding date framed in roman numerals and a wooden sign that says “More Than Fishing”. The quote in my husbands wedding band that has a very special meaning to us. These items make it ours. Make it yours.

Good luck everyone. Happy styling and happy shopping for those perfect styling pieces. My 2540 Love Co pieces and my CB2 shelves are linked below!


Wooden Bowl

Set of 3 Wooden Vases

Set of 2 Cement Boxes 

Set of 3 Concrete Candlesticks

CB2 Helix Shelves

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