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After four months of use it’s time for my Ilve Majestic II review. The most requested source in our kitchen renovation, by far- this range and our feedback on it. Our specific Ilve range is from Appliances Connection and is the “Majestic II Dual Fuel 40″ Range in Grey Blue with no windows and a brass trim package”. Say that five times fast! While the exact model name/type is a mouthful the only word you need to describe it is: stunning

This range is a remarkable blend of style and function, making it an excellent choice for those of us who want a timeless classic look, with a nod to French European kitchens of years past; but also love cooking with precision. This Italian-made range grabbed our eye with its beauty but there were several other aspects that made it a standout choice for us.

 Pros of the Ilve Majestic II Dual Fuel Range:

  1. Aesthetics and Customization: It is visually striking making it the centerpiece of any kitchen. The range is available in 213 custom colors and various trim finishes like chrome, bronze, copper, and brass ensuring it can complement any kitchen decor. The finish options, like the matte colors and brass finishes, are not only beautiful but practical, as they hide fingerprints and splashes extremely effectively. 
  2. Versatile Cooking Options: This range comes in a variety of options like a smooth cooktop with induction technology, a gas cooktop option for those who prefer to cook with natural gas; and a touch screen operating panel for easy use. The fast pre-heat feature of the oven is particularly amazing, reducing our wait time for the oven to reach the desired temperature. It truly heats up so quickly it’s absolutely bananas.
  3. Special Features for Cooking Enthusiasts: The inclusion of griddle, pizza, and convection settings. The convection setting ensures even cooking, and is ideal for roasting vegetables or baking cookies!
  4. Large cook top and ample oven capacity. Our Majestic 2 model offers a substantial cooking area, with options like a fully removable griddle and a functional French-top, alongside traditional gas burners. The larger oven provide ample space and multiple cooking modes, the smaller oven includes a rotisserie option, and a reasonable amount of space for side dishes and smaller baking sheets. Matthew uses the smaller side of the oven very often for the single serve portions of his meat course, as I am a vegetarian and don’t eat that portion of our meals.

Tap image for direct link to product at Appliances Connection:

 Cons to Consider:

  1. Ordering and Availability: The range can take a long time to arrive after ordering, so it’s crucial to plan ahead. However our resource Appliances Connection does keep a large inventory of available options and finishes that can come much more swiftly if they have stock of your perfect one. That said, because Appliances connection is an online dealer and Ilve ranges are not carried by your average brick and mortar store, it is likely you”ll need to order it without seeing it in person first, which can be a quite daunting for such a significant purchase! 
  2. Learning Curve with Controls: If you are used to standard stoves with a control panel at the top, adapting to the European-style knobs and controls of the touch screen of this range might take some time. Once you get it, it’s a breeze. 
  3. Potential Functional Issues: Some users have reported that the oven tends to cook hotter than the set temperature, requiring recalibration. Additionally, there have been instances where the burners needed adjusting for optimal performance. While we have not personally encountered this we have heard from other users they have had these issues to overcome. We are hopeful that if any issues do arise in the future with this range, our vendor Appliances Connection will be able to assist us in getting it taken care of. They have thus far been super responsive and we have been very happy with our experience with order, delivery and customer care.

After four months with this range I can confidently say my Ilve majestic II review is: we have no regrets and would choose this same range again. The blend of style, functionality, and customizable options made it THE choice for us. While there are some considerations to keep in mind, such as the ordering process, learning curve etc. the range’s benefits (for us) outweigh those factors. For those looking to purchase this range, Appliances Connection offers a large inventory to explore and awesome customer care team to chat with about ordering and customizing this amazing kitchen appliance.

This range was generously gifted to us by Appliances Connection but these opinions are my own.


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