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We live in an older home and most of the rooms do not have overhead lighting. This makes choosing the right lighting crucial for function, in addition to it simply being beautiful.

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When people think of Article I feel like they immediately think Mid Century design or sofas. Which is great, they are definitely geared toward that audience; their MCM designs are stunning and their sofa game is on point. However I have found that, while some articles lean heavily that way, there’s so much more they have to offer; Article for everyone, I say. Here are a few of my recent favorite articles that blend seamlessly into our modern coastal home.

The first is the Bios sideboard. This is a great example of how well an article lends itself to different decor. In our home the Bios was moved from our coastal living room to our more Scandinavian dining room without skipping a beat. We moved the beauty simply because the wood tones complimented the dining room slightly better than the living room. The overall lines and aesthetic however worked effortlessly in both rooms. With clean lines, a blend of matte white and black with warm wood, this stunner would feel at home in a wide variety of homes, even a modern farmhouse.

The next, and I think sometimes forgotten articles, are all accessories and decor. Article has a wide variety of rugs, throw blankets, pillows, lamps, mirrors. The list goes on. The quality of their accessories is as impeccable as the quality of their furniture. Built to last and stunning.

Our first accessory, which Im madly in love with, come in the form of the Belez Yuma Tan pillows. While it’s true that I rarely meet a pillow I don’t like, these are something special. They’re double sided pillows which takes their user friendly factor up 5 notches. I chose the tan option, meaning one side is donning genuine cognac leather and the other sporting a muted gray fabric these babes can carry you through so much decor changing and furniture rearranging. Major bonus in our house, aka the land of nothing is ever the same. Beyond the versatility they’re made to last and holy smokes so dang comfortable!

The next accessory is the Zuni Sandstone Small Pouf in grey. It is strong, supportive and easily holds the weight of a full grown adult; yet somehow lightweight enough for my one year old daughter to roll around the room. How, I don’t know, witch craft… maybe. Don’t question it, just embrace the stunning look, support and highly portable fabulosity that is the pouf.

Last on my swoon list today is the Mollo Throw in rust. I can’t adequately describe my love of this throw. The depth of color on this throw is so delicious and the texture is scrumptious. It is soft and light, but totally keeps me warm during a Netflix binge, talkin’ about you Mrs. Maisel. Anyway, point is I lurrrrv it. It comes in a huge variety of colors and they’re all so good. I picked rust because I had planned to decorate with it solely through the Fall and Winter seasons, but the idea of putting this baby in a corner is enough to enrage a leather clad Swaze.

Have I convinced you yet.. that Article is in fact for everyone!? If not try clicking HERE and checking out the insane inventory of yasssss-ness they offer. Let the gorgeous articles convince you themselves. For those who are in love with the pieces I shared today, the ones we’re rockin’ in casa Kismet, the shopping list is below. Thanks for taking the time to pop over and hear me out… Article for everyone!




Bio Sideboard

Belez yuma Tan Pillow Set

Zuni Sandstone Grey Small Pouf

Mollo Rust/Pink Throw


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