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We live in an older home and most of the rooms do not have overhead lighting. This makes choosing the right lighting crucial for function, in addition to it simply being beautiful.

We’re Erin & Matt

I have been so busy blogging and renovating our own spaces lately, that my client work has essentially come to an end. Which is mostly great because I love the direction my career has headed; but find myself craving the feeling of helping someone else love their home. Which is why I reached out to my friends at Article and asked if they wanted to do a Kismet House takeover with me, and breath new life into someone else’s space. They immediately agreed, I was thrilled, and off I went to find the lucky takeover recipient. Which we found quickly in my sweet friend Jenny who gladly volunteered her space for the Kismet House takeover with Article.

The before pictures of this space below were taken by the client and are of her home pre-takeover. The difference is night and day. The room feels double the size and brighter, even though we added bold wallpaper and black paint, as seen above.

I chose the pieces from Article that I did because this space needed to be functional and offer plenty of seating. the family has three children, though one is grown and out on her own, she still visits and come for holidays. In addition to the three kids, the family is very social, often hosts large gatherings and is also super musical and has been known to host many jam sesh in the space. As the client said- “we want it to be pretty but we do ALL of our living here, so it needs to be comfortable and really work”! The rules from my friend were simple- Use a lot of color and let your freak flag fly, I trust you. Can we say dream client! I did just that, went bold and bright because they are a bold and brave, fun loving bunch and I wanted the first impression of their home to tell that story.

For the space I picked a large, comfy Sven blue tweed chair to place in the corner, and paired with a larger pouf in gray to kick up those feet. A low profile but deep and sturdy Gaba gray lounging sofa was chosen for comfort and support. All items chosen specifically to accommodate the request for comfy by the client. I also incorporated 2 stylish and more compact leather chairs to round out the space and add more seating. These were added to keep the room from feeling too heavy or overstuffed; and while these stylish Nord chairs are less lounge-y they’re plenty comfortable enough to relax in for a long evening of games, guitar and conversation. These Nord chairs were once ours and we gave them to jenny as a makeover gift.

The Envelo walnut sideboard was chosen because it is just dang sexy! Also because the client indicated they love dark woods like walnut; and that leather drawer pull detail, can you even stand it!?! The Vena rectangular marble coffee table was chosen for its dark walnut base to compliment sideboard, and light marble top which keeps it light an airy. It is also long and has plenty of surface area but narrow as to not crowd the overall walking space.

The space is perfectly laid out where everyone can watch the TV or enjoy the fireplace from every seat. No one has to strain their neck to be fully engaged in conversation or binge some Netflix. It’s an ideal entertaining space while also being a family movie night dream layout. The can do ALL of their living here, in comfort and style.

The greatest part of this Kismet House takeover with Article is that the client, my amazing friend, was over the moon. She loved it so much. She kept saying I cannot believe we live here, this is MY house! She even shared a shot of her kiddo with me via text and said- look even the teenager likes it, he has been out here with us all night and that NEVER happens! There is no greater feeling in the world for a designer than that moment your work makes someone else life a little brighter. I am so grateful to Article for partnering with me on this Kismet House takeover. Their furniture is beyond, built to last and stunning. I couldn’t love or recommend them more. Now who’s space can I takeover next…?



Gaba Gull Gray Sofa

Sven Aqua Tweed Chair

Envelo Sideboard

Vena Rectangular Coffee Table

Zumi Sandstone Pouf in Gray

Nord Chair in Charme Leather




Moroccan Trellis Rug

Tropical Leaves Wallpaper

Blanket Ladder


Opal House Floral Vase

Opal House White Vase

Opal House White Rattan Basket

Opal House Tropical Print

Framed Abstract Watercolor

Large Teal Throw

Tassel Throw Blanket

White & Brass Task Lamp

Teal Lumbar Pillow

 Oversized Throw Pillow

 Decorative Lumbar

Woven Lumbar Pillow

Floor Lamp

Brass Curtain Rods

Blackout Curtain Panel


*Was not able to locate wall baskets online but found at Target

*Client already owned: guitar mount, guitar, bamboo side tables, cream tassel blanket on ladder, all of the plants and pots, brass and marble side table, side table lamp

*Paint on fireplace- Poppy Seed by Behr (it’s black with a blue undertone)



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