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We live in an older home and most of the rooms do not have overhead lighting. This makes choosing the right lighting crucial for function, in addition to it simply being beautiful.

We’re Erin & Matt

If you follow me on Instagram you know this already, and if not here’s the scoop. We are working hard to overhaul our backyard. It was, well is, a hot mess. But part of the overhaul was creating a brick patio. Although there is still lots of work to be done in the rest of the yard, once the bricks were laid I had to at least make this spot pretty by doing a patio makeover with Article. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on their outdoor line.

I knew that I wanted to create a dining space and lounge area. After peeking through Articles inventory I knew I could use their furniture pieces exclusively to pull this off. Now the fun part, selecting which pieces I would use to bring this space to life.

Although Article has the option to use sets, I am not a set kinda gal. Fortunately Article created such a cohesive outdoor line that they seamlessly mix and match. So a non-set girl like me can create her own look. Hallelujah.

My first pick was the Teaka table. This table is nuts you guys, it’s solid teak, heavy and built incredibly well. My husband totally geeked out on the table when it arrived. He is a man who appreciates well built furniture and he was super impressed by this piece.

Aside from the quality I chose this table because teak is a wood that weathers so beautifully. It will grey over time as the elements impact it and the impact will be fabulous. I grew up with teak benches in my Moms garden and I think the grey wood that develops is absolutely stunning. I cannot wait to watch it age. It’s incredibly durable wood, low maintenance, easy to keep clean and can stand the test of time. This Teaka table is the perfect piece for a family who likes to enjoy dinner outside with our messy kiddos.

I chose to pair the Teaka table with the Sala chairs. To be completely honest I picked these chairs based solely on aesthetics, but they are legitimately comfortable! I mean truly comfy! They are a woven design and I worried they would feel like we were sitting on a tennis rackets LOL. But that is not the case at all. They have so much give, and seat forms to the weight of our rumps! Super cozy; our guests will be able to enjoy their seats for all the dinner parties we are sure throw in our near future!

The bench you’ll notice pictured is not from Article. I actually decided once the set was here that I wanted to use two of the Sala chairs as head chairs leaving a gap that needed filling. This outdoor metal bench from Target does the trick. It adds a farmhouse element to the otherwise modern set. I love blending styles to make our spaces feel unique and embody our eclectic style.

For the lounge chair I picked the Medan chairs in white. I actually wanted these in black but the black was back ordered; so I went with white because I have the patience of a 4 year old. I’m not proud but it’s my truth lol. Anyway, because I went with the white chair I chose to pair it with the black Lanna sheepskin throw. These throws are amazingly soft you guys. I have to fight my dogs for them everyday, true story. The dogs usually win because I’m a pushover. But when I get to snuggle up with them, heaven.

Also as it turns out I am actually thrilled I got the white Medan chairs over the black chairs. While I’m sure the black ones are gorge, the white chairs are seriously so beautiful and I wouldn’t have given them a chance had I been a patient woman! These Medan chairs also rock because they’re low maintenance and durable. They’re resistant to sea air and water which is important to us in our foggy beach town. Function aside, their design is a total throwback to the 50-60s which I totally dig. Paired with the Lanna throw and some cozy pillows these chairs are to die for.

I had so much fun doing this patio makeover with Article. Once again I was so impressed at the ease of ordering from Article. They are clear about the stock availability and timeline of delivery and it’s a flat rate delivery fee of $49 bucks… no matter the size of your order. Yes please! I have always gotten our article’s exactly when promised. The delivery service calls days before and lets you choose the day and timeframe for delivery and the delivery guys are always super sweet and helpful. The pieces are exactly as they look online. Are incredibly well built and oh so sexy.

Article has single handedly made me trust in the online ordering process. Well at least they’ve made me trust in theirs!

All furniture pieces for this patio makeover with Article, as well as pillows and rugs linked below.

*Gold drum side table, cream & black moroccan pouf, and wicker ottoman are not linked as they are no longer available from Target*


Article Teaka Table

Article Sala Dining Chair in graphite

Article Medan Lounge Chair in white

Article Lanna Sheepskin Throw

Threshold Worn Stripe Black & White Outdoor Rug 

Lumbar Pillow Black Stripe Threshold

Outdoor Windsor Metal Stack Loveseat

Black & White Classic Accent Nate Berkus

Grey & White Stripe Lumbar by MORpillows

Black & White Triangle Mudcloth by Kristin Dion Design

Celebration Handspun Jute 3×5

Threshold Round Wood Plant Stand w/Black Base

I hope you all love how our back patio makeover with Article turned out. I know we do!

The pieces from Article were provided to me as part of a collaboration. However I reached out to Article myself and asked them to partner with me on this patio makeover. I am so in love with the indoor pieces we have from Article, I wanted more. The reviews and opinions of these pieces are my own.


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