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We live in an older home and most of the rooms do not have overhead lighting. This makes choosing the right lighting crucial for function, in addition to it simply being beautiful.

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HI. My name is Erin and I have commitment issues. Commitment to furniture that is. My dining room is the most recent victim of my affliction which led to my dining room refresh with Sixpenny. However, this new table may very well be a cure to the revolving door of dining table-itis. We have lived in this home for less this one year and this is table number 5… don’t look at me.

Fear not though friends. I think the revolving door may have closed. This Nolan table from Sixpenny may be the cure. Why!? It’s versatile. It works in my current space with its bohemian mid century vibe. But could easily work with a more traditional space. The reason for my dining room refresh with Sixpenny, and reason behind my run as goldilocks and the 5 tables, is due to my fear of being trapped by one style. One table was too farmhouse, the other too mid century… but this SixPenny table is juuuust right. The dark wood and straight lines gives it weight, presence and a masculine feel. The overall classic shape and sweet details like the footrest and gentle taper to the legs allow it to feel at home surrounded by softer design touches; The distressing gives it subtle rustic, farmhouse style. (Note the amazing footrest that my husband is obsessed with below).

This table is solid too. Heavy! Which as a Mom of one cannon ball, aka 5 year old boy, and one baby girl on the way. A solid table that can take a punch is exactly what we need. The other element I love is the table has the length needed to seat 3 comfortably on either side so we don’t have to have head chairs. In our space head chairs are tough because they caused traffic jams at dinner time. I’ve known I wanted to avoid head chairs for some time BUT every other table I found that was long enough to seat 3 per side was also too wide for our room. This table is 7 feet long by 3 feet wide, perfect for us with a narrow dining space.

If you’re looking for a well built solid wood table, that can handle interior design that is a little bit country and/or a little bit rock’n’roll. Can stand up to kiddos, play-dough and science experiments, yikes. That has length without too much width! I highly recommend the Nolan. I am feeling super pleased with the decision to partner up and do this dining room refresh with Sixpenny. Make sure to check them out!!

Superhero approved!

This post is a collaboration with Sixpenny.com. However I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with this company and truly love the product. The opinions and reviews of this table are authentic and my own.

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