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We live in an older home and most of the rooms do not have overhead lighting. This makes choosing the right lighting crucial for function, in addition to it simply being beautiful.

We’re Erin & Matt

If you follow me on Instagram you already know that our yard is still only half done. We need to install the remaining landscape this Fall… well we hope to at least (having a newborn may make that impossible). But anyway, in the mean time we do have a functioning patio and deck. Finn is happy as a clam playing in the dirt so we wanted an outdoor living room space where the adults could lounge while our little dude plays. Which led me to creating an outdoor living room with some help from Overstock.

I searched and searched for an outdoor sectional I loved. The search was long. But when I finally found this Brava Sectional from Overstock, I knew I found the one and it made the whole search worth while. Which is saying a lot because I saw a lot of ugly outdoor sectionals out there in great wide web. This babes a breath of fresh air.

I love the X detail on the arms and back of the Brava sectional, it gives the piece so much character. I also loved having all of the different wood tone and cushion color options. I totally fell for this dark grey cushion and weathered grey teak stain, it is perfect for us, especially because it compliments our little teak folding chairs we have had for a decade. Plus the sectional comes with a low profile coffee table. I normally hate sets and thought I wanted ottomans instead of a coffee table but this table is the actually a perfect height and size to rest your feet and still have space to put down a drink, beer for the hubby and sparkling water for my ‘ol preggo self… but next Summer, make it a Moscow mule please.

Now to style the space! I soon realized I didn’t need to look elsewhere for the rug or ottomans I wanted to pair with this set because Overstock has a seriously legit inventory. I was like kid in a candy store while I shopped. My husband doesn’t understand this joy. He kept saying HOW? How are you STILL looking for rugs!? Note: He didn’t really shout but I included those all caps moments for emphasis!

Truth be told I actually could not decide on an outdoor specific rug because I wanted lots of pink. I didn’t find the style I needed in the right shade of pink in the outdoor options. BUT I did find an indoor/outdoor option I adore… Enter, The Meticulously Woven Hwang Rug, in pink. Hello lover.

I will say I don’t recommend this rug for an outdoor space that gets lots of rain. I don’t think it will hold up to that much moisture; but a sunny patio or covered porch would be great. Or simply use it indoors because hello… it’s stunning. The rug is both beautiful and super soft underfoot and I genuinely have had to stop myself from taking it inside like 4 times hahaha. Not a bad thing to love your rug that much, right!?!

I also wanted outdoor ottomans to pair with the low profile coffee table so Finn and friends could sit there for a snack. I didn’t want another color added to the mix. With the deep grey of the sectional and the bold colors in the rug I wanted something neutral. Then I found them; yummy, texture filled and neutral 18″ Jute & Hemp Rope Pouf, perfection! They’re also from Overstock, of course. They work awesomely for our needs. We had a playdate this week and the ottomans were the seat of choice for the kiddos. Perfect size for tiny rumps haha. Also a great size for a tray to make it a side table or simply a spot to rest your weary feet.

I was able to style the outdoor living room using textiles I already had. I clearly have a thing with blues and pinks… amirite!? I will list the vendors who sell these textiles at the end of the post. Some are one of a kind pieces so you won’t be able to duplicate the pillows and blankets exactly, but you can at scope their shops for a close match.

Now lets take a short walk down memory lane to remember what this space looked like before….

Okay wash that from your mind, well the ugly part not my handsome boys, they’re worth remembering lol. But as far as the yards concerned lets all just remember how it looks now, after creating my outdoor living room with Overstock. Yasssss!!

I absolutely adore the way the space turned out. It is so colorful and warm. It is genuinely inviting and we love spending our time out here! Thanks for the help making this space come to life Overstock. P.S. Their shipping is FAST like super fast… just sayin’. *wink wink


Brava 4 Piece Sectional Set

Meticulously Woven Hwang Rug, Pink

18″ Jute & Hemp Rope Pouf Ottoman

Textiles and other goodies I already owned, I listed each shops IG handle below:

Pillows by: @sewandcloth, @danielleoakeyshop, @modernclementine

Throw Blankets by: @dkrenewal, @artizenhome

Basket Tote by: @shopsanjunipero

This post contains sponsored content. However, I reached out to Overstock myself and asked them to partner with me. All items were chosen by me and all reviews of these items are authentic and my own.


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