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We live in an older home and most of the rooms do not have overhead lighting. This makes choosing the right lighting crucial for function, in addition to it simply being beautiful.

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Ever feel stumped on how to create the perfectly curated gallery wall? I typically don’t get super stumped when it comes to design, but for whatever reason creating a minimal, but impactful gallery wall had me scratching my head. Which leads us here to my experience curating a gallery wall with Art Crate.

I used to have a one of those gallery walls just covered in stuff (pictured below). From art, to animal heads, to wooden arrows; just all kinds of sass. Then right before Christmas of 2016 I just felt over it. I started craving something more streamline and grown up. I knew what I wanted, but couldn’t find the right pieces to achieve the look. So the wall actually sat bare for about 6 months.

Then the clouds parted, angels sang, and Art Crate came to my rescue.

When Art Crate first reached out to me I was intrigued, but to be honest, mostly skeptical. I’m a designer, I should be able to do this without a curator… right? Why do I need them? How good can they be?

Open mouth insert foot! Art Crate totally rocked my socks!

The process began with a quiz. You’re given a quiz filled with all different kinds of questions about art and style; including questions like: where will the art be used. The quiz is extensive and I truly believed it allowed me to give them an authentic feel for my aesthetic. Next they match you with a curator. This curator uses the quiz to provide you with cohesive and personal collection. They base the collection, amount of art needed, scale etc. on your answers, your room, your needs and your budget. It’s all about YOU!

*example of quiz questions below…

Next I was sent three potential pieces for our home via email. This first round of options did not seem be intended to create a cohesive collection, and rather seemed to represent the three best choices based on my quiz answers and aesthetic. These three options allowed me to help further direct the course of my collection. Did I want typography, abstract art, photography etc.

I loved one of these first three options so much so, that my curator Rachel and I decided we would use piece C as our jumping off point to curate the entire gallery.

Using piece C she sent me loads of curated galleries all made to compliment piece C, below are a few. I was able to pick and choose from these options, giving my own suggestions or critics. Truly working together to curate the best gallery for me.

Rachel was extremely receptive to my needs, likes, and dislikes. She sent me options that I loved and even helped me build upon the original plan of 3 art pieces by adding a 4th piece so that the gallery would better fit the wall space it was intended for.

Below are my picks narrowed down, and the 4th final art addition.


The Art Crate process was super extensive but really easy. Rachel seemed to totally understand what I needed. The color palette I wanted. The scale necessary to fill the space, this list goes on. I felt completely heard and never felt like I HAD to pick something. I felt completely in control and had zero hesitation saying, I don’t like that because… or I do love this one because… It was an incredible experience. I highly recommend it.

The coolest element was when the pieces arrived, framed, mounted and ready to go I might add, they also listed the artist name and their Instagram handle. Making it possible for me to then follow along with the incredible artists and create even more relationships.

Best part of all is that I absolutely adore my new Art Crate gallery wall!

Note: This post contains sponsored content from Art Crate. However the opinions and reviews of the art and my experience working with Art Crate are my own.


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