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We live in an older home and most of the rooms do not have overhead lighting. This makes choosing the right lighting crucial for function, in addition to it simply being beautiful.

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A little over one year ago we did the One Room Challenge and refreshed our den. When we participated in that ORC some finishing decisions were made solely on budget. The semi-flush mount lights we used were among those budget saving selections. I picked lights that would work but not what I truly wanted. Now a little over a year later we have finally installed some truly dreamy flush mounts from Troy Lighting. I am so excited, check them out!

Don’t get me wrong the previous lights were cool, but they had a farmhouse vibe that I have never loved (to see those previous fixtures click HERE). While the farmhouse vibe is great, it is a vibe that didn’t read true to our home or our personal style. The new Bennington fixtures from Troy Lighting have a sleek, chic and cool vibe we wanted and we love them so much.

When picking our lighting this time I knew I needed a fixture that could stand up to my constant redecorating; to be able to blend and transition through my many style changes.  I knew I wanted a more modern line in the fixture and didn’t want them to hang too low, yet didn’t want them to be quite as low profile as the ones in our living room. I wanted them to make a statement but be clean and subtle. The black finish paired with the pitted glass of these Bennington fixtures from Troy Lighting have all the right elements. Now we can redecorate to our hearts content and never worry that the lighting won’t “go”. These Bennington fixtures by Troy Lighting are timeless and transitional enough to compliment any trend that you or I may decide to decorate with next. They’re perfect.

The outer canopy of glass is 15 inches wide and they hang down 7 inches from the ceiling. These Bennington fixtures from Troy Lighting are a great neutral compliment to any space. I highly recommend them! We are so thrilled with the way they look in the space and especially thrilled with the quality of this timeless fixture. I have linked the website for Troy Lighting throughout this post for you and linked our Bennington fixture directly below. Even if these aren’t right for your home, go give Troy Lighting a look, their options are oh so good.

Troy Lighting Bennington Flush Mount



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