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We live in an older home and most of the rooms do not have overhead lighting. This makes choosing the right lighting crucial for function, in addition to it simply being beautiful.

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I recently decided to switch up some of the artwork in our pad. I wanted to add some cool moody pieces and some more family pictures. I knew I wanted to frame the moody artwork one way, and the family pictures a whole different way. Fortunately I could accomplish both of my goals in one easy place with Art To Frames.

I picked some of their trendy and popular acrylic floater frames for my moody artwork. I knew the art was going to be large scale and dark, so I didn’t want any extra weight added to the look from a traditional solid frame. The clear acrylic floaters with their 4 simple matte black hooks were the ideal choice for this project.

For our family pictures I opted for custom framing so I could select the just right frame and matting to compliment each picture you can also choose the glass type and we opted for the non-glare plexiglass for our custom pieces. I goofed and didn’t make the non-glare section on Finnegan’s picture and Im so bummed because the non-glare plexiglass makes such a difference; I’ll be more careful at checkout next time! Each family picture I printed has cool tones so I wanted to compliment that with the perfect natural frame color and light bright matting combo; and was able to easily accomplish this goal with Art To Frames huge selection of custom framing options. I used these custom framed pieces in our room and the kids room. A personal touch for our personal spaces.


Art To frames has literally hundreds of combinations of frame and matting to choose from. From different wood tones, paint, finishes, matting colors and combinations of matting styles, it is truly impressive. My favorite part is you can upload your images from your desktop and/or phone directly to their website and they will print the images for you if needed. I highly recommend using Art To Frames for anything from family picture framing to framing digital prints or even custom paintings. The options are endless and the site is super user friendly. I totally dig Art To Frames.

Thrilled to have all of our new pieces framed so beautifully. Having the right frame for the art/image changes the impact of the piece and I love the way these frames from Art To Frames elevated ours.


Acrylic Floater Frames

Custom Framing


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