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Finnegan sleep pattern- Read: wild banshee.

Our six, almost seven year old little dude is a great sleeper but also, a wild sleeper. We had him on a twin mattress because, well, he’s six how much room could he need? Turns out a lot. The hubs and I have been chatting about upgrading him to a larger bed for a couple months now and then Nectar Sleep reached out to partner and we took it as a sign. Finn’s getting an upgrade!

Oh what a upgrade it turned out to be! This mattress is so comfortable. We got him a full size memory foam mattress and two memory foam pillows and he LOVES them. He has been sleeping on it for a week now and I am happy to report he is very pleased with his new bed. I am even happier to report all of his limbs remain on the mattress throughout the night, which means he sleeps better, longer, later… yes later. Can I get an amen?!

The bed arrived in a bag and my husband could not get over how nice the bag was. Random I know, but this seemed noteworthy. He, my husband, is an outdoorsy guy, camps and uses a ton of different top of the line equipment for work, and he was thoroughly impressed by the bag quality; so there ya go, mattress arrived in a legit mode of transportation. We are now using it as a storage bag in the garage. Read: Husbands a hoarder.

End result is we are truly impressed with our Nectar Sleep mattress! Finnegan is thrilled, is sleeping on a dreamy set up, and quite soundly I might add. He is honestly flailing way less on this mattress, which can’t be a coincidence, right?! Regardless of whether Finn’s more sound sleep is a coincidence, or the mattress has magical powers, we love it. We would recommend Nectar to anyone on the hunt for new mattress for their kids or themselves.

I also want to make sure I mention that Nectar Sleep has extended their Labor Day Sale and you can snag one of their mattresses for $125 dollars off and receive 2 FREE pillows! Making now the perfect time to upgrade your own mattress!



Full Size Nectar Sleep Memory Foam Mattress


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