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I have been asked over and over to please source some attractive couches for a reasonable price. Reasonable is a relative term, one mans paycheck is another mans shoe budget. The struggle is real. However I think, in sofa-land, between $500-1k is reasonable across the board. I personally think it is okay to spend a fair chunk on a sofa because its arguably the most used piece of furniture in a home, beyond your mattress. However budgets are budgets and we wanna be penny-wise but still cute…right! So here are some reasonably priced sofas sourced for you!

Berriman Leather Sofa $742.59

Starting this list off with a bang. This sexy tan leather sofa is so on trend, so chic and such a gorgeous leather color. Definitely giving off the perfect sofa vibe for a modern, bohemian, transitional or contemporary space. I dig it!

Peyton Sofa $719.99

I love this option. It comes in so many different fabrics and has a major Amber Interiors feel to me. The thin arm paired with multiple large overstuffed back pillows speak to my heart. With the right textiles and accessories this babe could look just as sexy as any of its 4k competitors… and I am feeling that.

Hillam Sofa $779.99

This handsome fellow is a great sofa shape! It can work in a wide variety of decor aesthetics and play nicely in all of them. It has a traditional element with the loose cushions and subtle arm flare. However, because it’s also streamline and floating on those thin modern feet it will still feel at home in modern spaces. A solid transitional piece.

Rhinebeck Sofa $673.99

The sway back arms of this sofa gives it an immediately feminine vibe. It will definitely work well in homes with a softer touch. Those harsh angles can be tamed with throw blankets and pillows and this babe can even be made to feel more masculine with the right textiles; think leather pillow piping, wool throw blanket, warm woods. Great lines, minimal and clean.

Berning Sofa $869.99

This one is super similar to the first sofa on the list minus the tufting. I actually prefer this tuft-less option in this case. The seats look full and cozy but it still gives off major modern and MCM vibes. However loosing the tuft allows this piece to feel at home in a more decor aesthetics beyond just modern. This one is a winner.

Hedgesville Chesterfield Sofa $803.99

I LOVE this sofa. It is sleek and sexy and has a great modern vibe, the base is gorgeous too. It is a great option for a small space because it doesn’t have any overstuffed element to it. It sports narrow arms so you can utilize all of the space the sofa occupies with seating rather then having chunky arms taking up your precious square footage. Im a big fan of this one, and it comes in a few other colors too.


Birch lane Sofa Bed Sleeper $848.99

This one is a traditional roll arm option. It comes in 24 colors, and has chunky low profile feet versus legs, making it more substantial. This style can work in farmhouse, coastal, or traditional decor. Not ideal for modern, mid century or contemporary spaces; the overstuffed factor and rolled arms make it a little too traditional to compliment that aesthetic.

Normanson Sofa $780.05

This one gives off major cottage vibes to me and I adore it. The petite rolled arms, multiple loose back cushions, chunky legs and subtle sway back to the armrest; all of these little elements combined give this piece a lot of charm. Charm immediately makes me think- cottage, and I think it’s lovely.

Earl Fabric Sofa Beige $653.75

This traditional chesterfield style sofa is very chic and feminine with its rolled arms, tufting and rounded feet. It’s a great piece for a more traditional space and would work well in farmhouse style decor or even a traditional library or office setting as well. Timeless and classic look for a traditional home at great price.

Glennis Sofa $704.99

Clean, modern, sexy, traditional, great color… what’s not to love and the price just makes it even better. It’s like meeting a hot guy who is also kind, has hi sh*t together and is super funny (cough my husband cough). Oh hey unicorn!

Harrah Chesterfield Sofa $829.99

This chesterfield has a higher tag then the other but leather fabric will traditional up the price point. I just wanted to share an option of the traditional chesterfield that feels more masculine and less delicate.

Johnston Tufted Upholstered Love Seat $748.99

This is ideal for a small space, mid century, or modern decor. it is masculine so would work well in a bachelor pad but has the feminine tufting and can most certainly be made to feel softer and at home with a feminine touch too. Great price, sleek, and simple.

 Roberta Chesterfield Sofa $631.99

This sofa comes in a few different velvet and other fabric options. I love the bolster pillows and single row of tufting in the back. the lines of this sofa let it work for modern spaces and traditional alike. It could be in a glam space, or a cool minimal one and Im n bored. Love the look and love the price.

Coral gables Sofa $669.99

Had to thrown in an affordable slipcover option. This casual and relaxed slipcover sofa vibe is making a comeback. Keep your eyes peeled on some big names in the design industry, I keep seeing this loose flowing slipcover look pop up in my IG feed, so it only right that I include an option here.

Ferrao Chesterfield Sofa $639.99

This option is similar to the above but has subtle rounding to the arms and back which make it feel less boxy. I also love that this option has no loose cushions at all which, combined with the walnut legs, allows it to have a more modern feel.

Mistana Derry Sofa $665.99

Get the Article look for less with this sofa. Very similar lines, legs, tufting and bolster pillows as the trendy Sven sofa and nearly half the cost. Comes in multiple colors!

Mid Century Sofa by Diamond $899.00

I super impressed by the look and fabric on this one for the price. I like the minimal lines and wider arm rest. It is still very modern and clean but looks like a more cozy seat then some of its other MCM counterparts.

Georgia Reclining Sofa $1049

Okay I know this is $49 over budget but I have had so many of you ask me for an attractive recliner or reclining sofa. I personally feel like “attractive recliner” is a mythical creature like big foot…BUT this one is actually pretty darn good looking. Over budget slightly, yes… but it’s the only reclining sofa I found that I can recommend and still look myself in the mirror.

Herbert Chesterfield Sofa $749.99

Please disregard the hideous bolster pillows and remind yourself that they can be removed. Focus on the rest of the rad elements that are all over this sofa. The arm shape, the sexy legs, that back detail; it all has me swooning and is giving off a major JoyBird vibe for less!

Vapor Sofa $999

This fly motha hardly makes it in on budget, but I dig the loose back cushion, solid bench seat combo of this option. It also comes in a ton of fabric choices and a couple sizes. Since it’s technically under $1000 it was invited to the party.


What do y’all think about these sweet sofa finds!? Good, great, or awesome?! Want to see more posts like this, let me know in the comments!


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