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Okay, I had to try my hand at this DIY Anthropologie mirror dupe! I have seen many version’s of this DIY floating around social media, so when I saw this mirror (below image) at a thrift store for $20 bucks it felt like a sign to try my own version. This is a super easy- zero power tool required DIY. All of the supplies needed linked below. The mirror we used, as mentioned, was thrifted; but I linked an affordable one from Target that would work for this DIY.


  1. Mirrored gold Rustoleum spray paint
  2. Loctite Super Glue
  3. Craft pearl decals
  4. Mirror topper wood applique
  5. Mirror base wood appliques
  6. Painters tape
  7. Wood Glue
  8. Clamps *or heavy books
  9. Mirror- Target Valenti Mirror (or thrift one!)

Step one:

Prep Mirror for DIY. If your mirror is new and has a factory finish on it just make sure you clean it well with alcohol wipes or TSP to remove any oils before gluing on the pearls and appliqués. If your mirror is thrifted like ours was you will need to remove existing finish/paint with stripper and/or sand paper.

Step two:

Once surface is ready you will use your loctite super glue or gorilla glue adhesive and add it to the back of your craft pearls. You will place these pearls glue side down along the border of the mirror frame. Leave room for your top wood appliqués detail. Make sure to measure.

Step three:

Once craft pearls are set and dry you will use your wood glue on the base wood appliqués and beef them up. See images for clarification. This step is only if you get the same 4 pack we did (listed above). You’ll sandwich the appliqués back to back securing with wood glue. We clamped them together to hold them steady while drying. You could sandwich carefully between heavy books as well.

Step four:

Once the wood glue is dry take your newly beefed up base wood appliqués and your super glue. Apply glue to the mirror frame and portion of appliqués the you will attach to the mirror frame. At the bottom right and left sides at base of mirror. Hold steady in place and make sure it’s flush with bottom of mirror using a level block of some kind.

NOTE: We added wood glue around the sides and bottoms of appliqués where there was gapping between the appliqués and the mirror frame. Let everything dry. *third image above shows example, wipe wood glue it into place with finger.

Step five:

Determine center and desired placement of the top appliqué. Grab your wood glue and you apply it to back of appliqué (where it will meet the frame). Set in place carefully. We secured our top wood appliqué onto the mirror with clamps while drying. We recommend this if possible. Otherwise just help stabilize it until the glue is secure enough to hold it in place to finish drying.

Step six:

Give all the adhesive adequate time to dry, a couple hours should be enough (overnight ideal) before painting.

Step seven:

Tape off your mirror glass and use your Rustoleum metallic gold spray paint and paint the mirror. We suggest two coats.

Remove tape and enjoy your DIY Anthropologie mirror dupe!

Note: We took it one step further and used some watered down black paint, brushed it now with a tiny paint brush and rubbed off with a rag. It was a slow and steady process, took a few times around to get desired effect. This is not required, totally optional.

Good Luck and happy DIY-ing!


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