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We live in an older home and most of the rooms do not have overhead lighting. This makes choosing the right lighting crucial for function, in addition to it simply being beautiful.

We’re Erin & Matt

My current design vibe is a little bohemian and a lot eclectic. I have been asked this simple question about my design style often: how do you do that!? Well this week for the One Room Challenge I’m supposed to talk about what setbacks we’re having… but decided to instead give you 5 tips to achieve a bohemian eclectic vibe for yourself by sharing how I used these 5 tips to create my own bohemian eclectic vibe for the ORC.

**Pictured above is our “formal living room” not the ORC space but it represents my bohemian eclectic vibe and was styled with the textiles I will use in the ORC space**

Tip 1) Never buy sets of furniture. A pair of chairs is totally fine. But a couch, chair, love seat combo is big fat no-no in an eclectic space. If you walked into Ashley furniture and said give me this room (seating, rug, lamps, tables) and called it a day… you can’t sit with us! Instead shop small. Brake for yard sales. Craigslist. Source interesting pieces so your space is YOURS.

In my ORC space Im using a pair of gorgeous leather chairs from Article. A sleek grey fabric sofa; also from my beloved Article. A garage sale coffee table, a Craigslist media console that I DIY’ed back to life. A Craigslist desk I still need to DIY back to life, and a flea market side table. No sets for this gal… except the chairs. But again, chair sets are a’okay.

Tip 2) Decide on a base piece to build from. Maybe it’s a paint swatch, a beautiful rug, or great piece of art. Whatever it may be just find a piece you “have to have” and build from it.

My ORC base was the color of my charme tan leather Nord chairs from Article pictured above and the wallpaper I picked from MK Wallpapers pictured below. These elements are my base and the rest of the pieces I bring in need to help them look even more fly. Essentially the chairs and wallpaper are the Beyonce and the rest are back up dancers. The show would be nothing without the back up dancers… but they aren’t the Beyonce.

Tip 3) Mix patterns and texture. Pattern and texture are a bohemian eclectic gals best friend. If my sofa had 2 plain and 2 matching pillows, in pairs, neatly placed at the book ends of the sofa, I would die of boredom. If you like a bohemian eclectic vibe, you will too. You do not need pillows to be matchy matchy in order for them to “go”. They need to flow, not be twins. Pick a complimentary color palette and choose pillows you love in that palette.

My ORC pillows are all different sizes, textures and patterns. Only one is a true neutral but even though the rest are colorful, there are only 3 colors being represented. Keeping it all easy on the eyes but totally interesting and filled with pattern. Pillows from: My Haven Home, One Affirmation, Modern Clementine, Danielle Oakey Shop.

Tip 4) Rugs! I personally am a rug maniac. When in doubt layer a rug, then add another layer and maybe one more. This is a very bohemian look. It adds texture, interest and packs a big punch. However… one bold beautiful rug can be equally impactful. Just make sure if you are doing layers upon layers, just like with the pillows, keep the color palette in check. You can mix pattern and texture but don’t go bananas on color. If you have one bold colorful rug maybe pair it with a neutral jute or a cowhide.

For my ORC rug I am still up in the air. I have an incredible rug named Piper from Kentucky Rose designs that I planned to layer on top of a jute. But then I tried a large traditional cream and blue rug and the simplicity of it is almost more bold. Who will win battle rug? That’s still yet to be determined. But they’re both gorgeous so it’s a no lose situation.

Tip 5) Keep the art interesting! Use traditional art, framed family photos but pair it with fun graphic prints or bold photography. Add in a wall hanging or some macrame plant hangers maybe a dip dyed tapestry. Mix it up. A bohemian eclectic room that has nothing on the walls but a basic gallery of family photos will feel unfinished. Again texture is the name of the game. But keep it grounded with the incorporation of traditional elements and artwork. If there is nothing but tapestries and baskets on the wall you’ll lose the eclectic sense and it will feel purely bohemian.

In the ORC space I am dressing our walls using a mix of large scale photography. Family photos. Shelving styled with plants, a dip dyed wall hanging by The Dancing Tapestry, wallpaper and shiplap. Sounds like overkill, but no. The end result will feel clean and edited. A stylish bohemian eclectic vibe. At least I sure hope so!

I hope these tips help you achieve your own bohemian eclectic vibe; and if that’s not your jam, then I hope to have at least gotten you excited about my ORC reveal in just a few weeks with these teaser pics! Make sure you check out all the other amazing spaces and their progress here.


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