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We live in an older home and most of the rooms do not have overhead lighting. This makes choosing the right lighting crucial for function, in addition to it simply being beautiful.

We’re Erin & Matt

Week two of the, Calling It Home One Room Challenge is well under way! I am happy to report we have actually made progress… Huzzah! I realize my nerd is showing and I’m comfortable with that!

We have been able to finish the painting of the two story wall where the gallery will go. The shiplap is installed on the wall to the left. Originally the plan was to paint the shiplap white; but once we saw the contrast of the wood with the dark paint, we changed our minds. Now we will be staining the wood instead. We were also able to get the barn door slider installed. It hides the currently hideous kitchen from view. Once the kitchen is complete and doesn’t require hiding, it will just be a pretty accent piece.

We still have to stain the shiplap and barn slider, and then need to decide what to do on the shiplap wall. The original plan was to build a shelving unit for toy storage. While that is still the long term goal, budget and time won’t allow it this go’round. We may leave it blank for now. Not sure.

annnnnnnnnd baseboards have been installed!

Thank you lord hallelurrrrrr!

We do not have baseboards in any room, it is my not so secret shame, as I have shared that fact on Instagram. But now we have them… well in the family room only… but they’re here!!

So pretty!

Other than these larger projects other little but necessary jobs have been tackled. Like removing nails and screws and patching holes all over the place.

Still needs to get done…

Spray texture and paint any patches/repairs made

Caulk and touch up paint baseboards

Float the wall in the office nook to prep for wallpaper


Hang lighting; three overhead semi flush mounts and one chandelier

Painting the desk for the office nook

Hang floating shelves

Hang gallery wall

Hide TV wires

Hang pin board in the office nook for a sneaky storage solution.


So while we still have LOTS to accomplish, LOTS has been done. Making the looming deadline feel less daunting. We can do this! We can do this!

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