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We live in an older home and most of the rooms do not have overhead lighting. This makes choosing the right lighting crucial for function, in addition to it simply being beautiful.

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Sharing my top 10 fave budget friendly rugs with you today. These babes are my top picks from Boutique Rugs that will undoubtedly up the chic factor in any space, all without breaking the bank. Bonus- use code KH55 for 55% off these or ANY Boutique Rug.

1 First things first, my very own Boutique rug the Bolivar. I mean of course it’s in my top picks, I chose it out for my own home, obvi it’s number one.

2. The Harput area rug, is next… it’s clean and minimal and would work with SO many design styles! Bonus you could get a 10×14 of this bad boy for under $500 with my code KH55. Say what!?!

3. Next, the Mosley area rug. I am obsessed with the fringe detail and with this beauty starting at $37 dollars, ummmm what’s not to love!?

4. The West End area rug is a staple. This style and trend has been here for years and isn’t going anywhere. An 8×10 for about $300 bucks with my code KH55 is an amazing deal for this babe.

5. The Rachel is a timeless and neutral stunner. I am in love. She would add a level of chic to any pace for an insanely low price tag.

6. The Glastonbury looks super similar to some designer rugs I adore but for WAY less moola. Winning.

7. The Bodrum is a colorful babe that has had my heart for three years now. It is such a show stopper and would definitely make an impression on a space without making an impression on the wallet.

8. This Parkerfield is another totally neutral babe but its just too good anomy neutral loving heart can’t resist it.

9. The Cuckfield is so dang pretty I just can’t even. Do yourself a favor and look at the customer photos of it, this image here doesn’t do it justice!

10. Last but not least is the Rouse. This is a bold and beautiful rug that looks very similar to a pricey rug I love… minus the pricey, woot woot.

Like I said at the start though, you can use code KH55 to take 55% off any rugs from Boutique Rugs so if your perfect rug isn’t on my list, no worries! Just head on over to see the rest of the enormous selection at Boutique Rugs.

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