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If you follow me on Instagram you know I am an Article loving lady. I have so many Article pieces that some of you actually call me “Article girl”… and I ain’t mad at it. My obvious love affair with Article has led to constant questions about the quality. That’s why I have decided to write for you, my Article furniture review; the good the bad and in between. If you’ve been contemplating an Article purchase and just need a little more info before committing and/or not committing, this ones for you!

My personal Article review rating scale 1-10:

Look: 1: not what I expected – 10: sexier in person

Price: 1: huge splurge – 10: totally reasonable

Comfort: 1: a rock – 10: a cloud

Fabric: 1: last a week – 10: last a lifetime

Quality: 1: rickety junk – 10: built to last

I will rate each piece using the above scale and then tell you my reasoning. I will be rating the following articles: Burrard, Nord, Soma, Matrix, Embrace.


The Burrard Sofa

Look 10: This sofa is sexy, a 10 all day everyday. I will say when it arrived it looked tiny to me. Not because it is tiny, but because we replaced a very large sectional that had a tall back. The low profile of this sofa was jarring for me because it was vastly different than that we had prior. That said it is exactly as it looks in images online and the measurements are exactly as stated online. The “small” appearance was in my head. It is stunning. It has this crazy ability to be this low profile sofa that my husband calls a “barely there” sofa (meaning it is not imposing or overbearing). Yet somehow provides tons of seating and enough room for someone to lay out on it and take a nap. The pale grey color is the perfect neutral and compliments every pillow palette I’ve paired it with. An easy 10 out of 10 for style; so much yes.

Price 10: I realize this category is relative. What is “totally reasonable” to me, may be totally outrageous to you. I am basing my opinion on price by comparing it to the cost of comparable pieces sold by competitors as well as what seems like a reasonable amount to spend on a piece of furniture of its kind. In my opinion the price for this sofa is a 10. I have seen sofas of this caliber go for 2k and beyond. You absolutely get your moneys worth on this buy. You get a sleek, modern, well built beauty for less coin than many of the competitor sofas. Same quality, less cost. I’m also a firm believer that it is okay to spend a little more on a sofa, I mean how often is your rump planted on it… lets be real!

Comfort 7: I gave it an 7 because when it arrived it was stiff. My husband was genuinely worried it would not work for us. After about 2 weeks it had broken in and now six months later its totally comfy. I give the squish factor an 8. However the low back rest and structured arms steal some of the comfort in order to insure structure and style; making it an overall 7 for me. This isn’t the couch I would buy if I needed a melt into me squish monster of a sofa. This IS the couch I would buy if I wanted a comfortable sofa that also looks super sleek and modern.

Fabric 9: The fabric on the Burrard is gorgeous. The color the texture the feel. I LOVE everything about it. I gave it a 9 because I’m not sure how long it will last.  We have had it for 6 months and the fabric has held up beautifully thus far. Which is saying a lot with 2 dogs and 5 year old who has spilled his fair share of crap on it… just saying! But I just started noticing a little pilling in the cracks. Where the seat cushions meet and rub up on each other. That friction has created a tiny bit of pilling. It’s easy to pull off and manage, but that pilling is the reason for my 9 score. The pilling hasn’t been anything that would make me second guess the sofa purchase, but is note worthy.

Quality 10: This bad boy is strong, built to last, solid! My husband and I have been blown away by the quality of this piece. Even being a super streamline sofa with thin legs and a low profile, it isn’t wobbly or weak. I could jump on at 9 months pregnant and have no fear of the structures integrity being compromised. I won’t because, pregnant haha, but I could. Totally a 10!

The Leather Nord Chair

Look 10: These chairs, like all things Article, are so chic. They are a total nod to danish mid century modern design and totally have an old school vibe. If that’s your thing (yes please) then these chairs are your thing. They are cool, a little retro, and a whole lotta sexy. The wood legs that wrap the sides give them so much warmth and that tan leather, drool. I can’t speak for the other fabric options the Nord come in but am sure they are all equally gorgeous combined with those beautiful mahogany legs.

Price 5: Although I will say a comparable quality chair is likely to cost just as much, or more, I have to give a 5 on price here, at least in the leather option. The leather option of this beautiful Nord chair will cost you nearly one thousand per chair. I realize for a chair, that’s not exactly a deal. With that said I believe they are worth every penny of the splurge; but they are a splurge no less.

Comfort 8: These babes are comfortable but the firm back rest keeps them from being a sinkable chair. The seat cushion is plenty cozy on the rump and the back rest offers oodles of support. But with a 10 rating being “a cloud” these don’t quite live up to that notion. Still they are cozy and lovely and I can relax in them for a good long while. I recommend them as a great TV seat but perhaps not a book nook chair. That opinion is based solely on my own personal desire to cuddle up with a book and have my chair eat me up with squish. Overall a totally cozy seat!

Fabric 10: The leather… ohhhhhh the leather. Like butta. It is very obvious this is top grain quality leather. It is supple and smooth, soft and seriously luxe. Im obsessed with the leather! I love the way it wears and the way it shows some distress. I personally think that’s the sexiest thing about leather; seeing subtle scratches and lines from use. These chairs have the amazing ability to show their character but not their age. Because of the sleek taught design you don’t get the drooping or sagging, all the wear, none of the worn out. The fabric is, in my minds eye, perfection.

Quality 10: Again, built to last. I can’t say enough about the quality of these chairs. I don’t know if perhaps I have only ever owned craptastic furniture, or if Article is just in a league of their own with quality, because again, blown away! The craftsmanship, wow, 10 out of 10 no doubt!

The Soma Sleeper Sofa

Look 8: The reason I gave this sofa an 8 versus a 10 is probably my own personal issue but its my review so, I do what I want. My issue is that the piece is quite large and as such can feel a little heavy. It’s not the sofas fault. It’s a sleeper. Being a sleeper means it can’t float above the ground gracefully on thin legs with a low profile like the Burrard; because it’s not that kind of sofa. It has to house a mattress and support the weight of that element and therefore has to be a little more beefy, the opposite of the ” barely there” sofa that the Burrard is. I’m personally super into mid century design and low profile pieces. This sofa being a more full bodied, almost masculine piece is keeping me from giving it top marks for style. Don’t get me wrong I love this sofa, no regrets. The tufted seats and color are gorgeous, and in the world of sleeper sofa design it’s a 10. Im basing my 8 score on comparison to other Article sofa options and my personal style.

Price 10: Look I realize the sofa is not a “Big Lots” level deal, but you’re not buying a pleather, cup holder having, one year discount sofa here. You’re getting an awesome, stylish piece that will last you a very long time. I have shopped for sleepers at length and know how crazy pricey they can be. Strike that, how crazy pricey a quality one can be. This sleepers price is totally reasonable and for the quality a totally justifiable 10!

Comfort 8/10: I have 2 ratings here, one for sofa comfort: 8, and one for mattress comfort: 10. The sofa is an 8  for me because the seats have to be firm in order to support your weight and protect the sleeper. That’s just the reality of a sleeper sofa, firm booty support. But have no fear the back cushions are so soft and sinkable and the bench seating breaks in more and more each day. I will say though, the seat is a little high. Most of the seating height in our house averages 16-18 inches and this seat height is 2o inches. Just a few inches of extra height but we definitely noticed when it arrived; we don’t notice anymore. The overall seat depth and bench length provides so much lounging space for us. We can all spread out comfortably as a family and it’s amazing. The mattress is incredible and gets a 10; it is a bit thin, but very soft and supportive. It’s memory foam and legitimately cozy. I have slept on the sleeper twice (while very pregnant) and woke up completely rested. We also pull out the sleeper multiple times a week just to lay out on it as a family and play board games, watch movies etc. etc. It has been an amazing treat to have, we love it!

Fabric 8: Im giving the fabric an 8 because I have noticed some pilling, it’s very little and just around the edges and a teensy bit around some tufting. But the minor pilling does make me worry about the fabric longevity. I have faith in the product so it doesn’t scare me too much but is worth mentioning. Otherwise I love the fabric color, texture, and thickness and am overall really happy. The minor pilling is all that is holding me me back on 10 score here.

Quality 10: I am a broken record in this category but once again Article dominates in the quality department. I truly feel like this is a solid, durable sofa that will have a long life. Its well built, solid, sturdy, supportive. The sleeper is strong and can totally handle Finn’s bouncing and comfortably supports two full grown adults for a full nights rest. No squeaking or bowing. Article takes a 10 again in this category.

Bonus- This sleeper comes with built in storage in the chaise. The entire chaise lifts on a hinge and has ample storage for pillows, blankets or even toys for you fellow mama bears out there.

The Matrix Chair in Blush Velvet

Look 10: These chairs are so chic. I LOVE the lines of these babes. The gorgeous blush color, the plush velvet, they’re so rich. You can’t help but appreciate how stunning they are. I would not say pink is a favorite color of my husbands haha, but even he is wowed by their look. The deep seat and sleek subtle swoop of the arm, all so fabulous. Everything about this chair just gets me. They are a low profile back and overall compact chair so they will work in small spaces but offer enough presence to also play well in rooms with a little more square footage. Oh and don’t let their small stature fool you, they still offer ample seating and are sure to be a favorite seat in the house. So good.

Price 7: I’m giving a 7 here because I have been able to find “comparable” chairs for a better price. I put the term comparable in quotes because I don’t believe it’s a true comp. These Article Matrix chairs are luxe, soft, stunning, gorgeous. The velvet chairs I have found for less don’t hold a candle to these in quality. Also these chairs come in a dozen colors, yes a dozen. They also make matching velvet pillows… um good luck finding a dozen other velvet options in another chair. So, while a velvet chair alternative for less does exist, a true comp with so many color options and such high quality velvet does not. BUT if you’re budget is the deciding factor, then I am forced to admit that these are a bit of a splurge for a chair. But again, like with the Nord chair, so worth it.

Comfort 10: I kid you not when I say these chairs are SO comfortable. They are my favorite seat in the house. They’re dangerously cozy; so soft, so sinkable, just so much…. mmmmmmm. They make me happy. They are low profile but Im 5’4 and they snuggle me in the most perfect way. However I could see the back support not being tall enough to create the same sinkable perfection for someone over 6 feet. That is pure speculation because we’re all under 6 foot in this house, but I could see that being an issue. Still, in this house they earn a solid 10.

Fabric 10: I was truly worried about velvet. Would it look cheap or dated? Would it be a bad 80’s throwback? What if they look like a tacky crushed velvet prom dress?… NO! It is none of those things. This is high end velvet luxuriousness. The look and feel are amazing. Velvet has proven to be slightly more high maintenance with a kiddo than I planned. It’s harder to clean than a wool, leather, microfiber or tweed. But not enough to steer me away from it. I have no regrets and they maintain their 10 score. That said I will note, if you have a kiddo who is always covered in peanut butter and mud, maybe hold off on your velvet purchase until they’re less sticky.

Quality 9: The one and only reason they don’t get my standard 10-10 quality score is because of the legs. I don’t even know if my fears are warranted. I may be a total and complete nut. But the legs being closer together and so thin and sleek makes me afraid they will not stand the test of time. I have literally zero evidence of this. The legs are strong and stable and well built, like everything Article makes. Just something about this design characteristic makes me leery about longevity. Again this is all unfounded worry that is purely in my head. But it’s my review, my worry, so there it is.

The Embrace Rocking Chair:

Look 10: This rocking chair is the answer to my prayers. It is so totally and completely beautiful but it’s also crazy comfy. But lets focus on looks for now. The rounded back and swoop arms offer a feminine touch. While the warm tone of the wood legs give it a masculine presence too; a perfect blend. The gorgeous cream fabric is so chic and elevates the chair to be welcomed in any space, from a nursery to a living room. It is a truly stunning chair and I am blown away by the beauty it adds to a room. This total babe gets a total 10!

Price 10: I want to say while I do think this rocker may be a splurge, I have not found another rocker that is this good looking and this high of quality for less. Can you find a rocking chair for less?.. 100% yes. Can you find one this sleek, timeless, beautiful and comfortable for less?.. I haven’t yet! While I don’t think this chair is a deal on price; I do think it is absolutely reasonable for what you are getting, hence my 10 score. With a newborn coming I know I will spend a ton of time in this rocker. For me, investing in a piece that can grow with our family and style all while serving a very important purpose, priceless.

Comfort 10: This chair and I are in love. The comfort is amazing. I have zero problem knowing I will be “stuck” in this seat nursing a tiny babe for the months ahead. That is fine by me. I will say that my husband wishes the back rest were taller, but overall he still loves it. For me the chair is perfect. The height, seat, depth, comfort… all around just totally in love. I am a very happy Momma and for me it’s a solid 10.

Fabric 10: The fabric on this rocking chair is gorgeous. The cream color is so rich and so soft. It has held up beautifully to our wear and tear has proven easy to clean thus far. I haven’t actually put it to the test of baby spit up yet, that’s still pending lol, but I have confidence it will rise to the challenge. Zero complaints or concerns.

Quality 10: True to Article form, the quality again rises to the top. They truly know how to make a solid piece of furniture. The strength, comfort, durability, substance, everything about it. We have been blown away by all of our Article pieces and this chair is no exception. Once again 10 out of 10.

Overall Article Experience

Delivery- 10: I have never had any issues with delivery arrivals or coordinating drop off.

Stock Availability – 9: I have had issues two times with my item being back ordered, but even then the wait wasn’t terrible.

Shipping Cost- 10: $49 flat rate shipping, totally reasonable!

Costumer Service- 10: They have always helped me with any and all questions, samples etc. Been very pleased with the customer service across the board.


The Burrard Sofa

The Nord Chair

The Soma Sleeper

The Matrix Chair

The Embrace Rocking Chair

Anything I didn’t cover? Have more questions? Just ask! Hopefully my Article furniture review; the good, bad and in between, was helpful! Thanks for checking it out. Gonna go snuggle my little guy now.

This post contains sponsored content. The reviews and opinions are authentic and my own.


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