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We live in an older home and most of the rooms do not have overhead lighting. This makes choosing the right lighting crucial for function, in addition to it simply being beautiful.

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Come on in! The rug is plush, the pillows are fluffy, the mattress is sinkable and the blankets are cozy. We’ve created a truly relaxing retreat with this master bedroom makeover, and we can’t wait to share it with you. 

I cannot tell you guys how excited I am that we have finished our master bedroom makeover! We have been living in a Walter White chic boudoir for way too long. I swear that I slept in more well put together spaces when I was in the phase of life where I was deciding between spending my last 10 bucks on taco bell or Smirnoff Ice… ahhh college. Point is this master bedroom makeover is way overdue. Lets look at some of the before shots, it’s okay… you can judge me.

Terrible right!? The worst part about it is that the above are progress pictures. Prior to that there was stained beige carpet, spiral brown and gold mirrors attached to the walls and holes all over the place. Above is after patching, floor replacement and removing those fly mirrors. Still the space was anything but a retreat. I hated waking up in it and hated ending my day in it. I am a girl who loves to be surrounded by a well put together home; so ending my day in what felt like a bad college dorm room was anything but the relaxing decompression chamber we Mamas and Papas all deserve. Now that the popcorn ceilings have been removed, baseboards caulked and walls freshly painted we could add all the cozy that makes this room a retreat.

The first step in this master bedroom makeover was finding, Modern Komfort and their grey tufted Modern Fabric platform bed, and gorgeous Ezra area rug. Those finds in their shop led to the long overdue fire, to finally design a grown up space, be ignited. The bed frame is a perfect pairing of modern and minimal. I didn’t want a frame so modern it felt cold and also didn’t want a frame so traditional or decorative it felt heavy. This one is the perfect balance and will pair with so many color palettes and style trends. Meaning me, the rearrange-aholic, can change out the space without needing to change out the bed frame, win! The rug has a stunning blend of pinks and golden yellow, ivory and grey. It has loads of character and fading. It feels like a one of kind piece without the one of kind price tag, yes please.

The next step was deciding on the perfect mattress. We owned a CAL King mattress and the new bed frame is a standard king; making the hunt for the perfect sinkable memory foam mattress on… send out the hounds! After searching and reading so, so, so very many many reviews, I found, Puffy. I had never heard of, Puffy so to be honest I was skeptical. I decided to gamble it, they have a return policy I couldn’t refuse and it took the fear of trying out this new mattress off the table; boy am I glad I took the gamble. This mattress is amazing. The Puffy mattress is so soft and sinkable, but for those who need more support fear not. My husband prefers a firmer mattress and I prefer a squishy one, this mattress is somehow both. To be totally transparent I have to admit we were worried when we first sat down on the mattress because your bum sinks deep into it. We worried it would be way too soft. However, once you evenly disperse your weight when lying down, it has the perfect balance of soft and firm. How, well I don’t know, but we lurrrrv it!

Now for the frills, all the pretty touches like a perfect throw blanket and pillows. For this I reached out to Danielle Oakey and Kristin Dion. These talented beauties truly helped me with the icing on this master bedroom makeover cake!

Danielle owner of, Danielle Oakey Shop, had just recently launched a line of amazing pom pom throw blankets and once I saw those, in their totally neutral palette of grey and cream, I knew I had found the perfect throw for the end of the bed. It is so heavy and warm, soft and beautiful. It adds the perfect balance and weight as a counterpart to the pillows and compliments the bed frame amazingly; and those pom poms… I mean, shut up.

The 5 pillows were created by my amazingly talented friend Kristin, Kristin Dion Designs. She helped me curate the perfect collection to add just enough texture and color to the bed. I wanted the color palette to be minimal here. Creams, grey, and wood tones, wood tones in pillows for us translated to leather. Yes please. We opted for 24×24 cream textural mud cloth as the base pillows, a 20×20 pair of horizontal grey stripes to keep that color at the forefront, and a sexy custom leather lumber to bring in that rich wood tone you see around the space. The pillows are perfection and I couldn’t have chosen a better set without her.

Many pieces in the room you may recognize as I shopped the house. Like my tan charme leather bench and black lana fur throw from Article. The black leaning mirror from Ikea. A blanket ladder made by Pepe & Carols, and a belly basket and pink pom blanket from Shop Eclectic Collective. Most of the other pieces were sourced from none other then Target. I went for milk, I left with nightstands and shelves… I have an addiction sir! Seriously though, the Target nightstands, shelving, artwork and faux succulents really help me tie the room together and I want to give Target a shout out for stepping their game up with Project 62, well done. My favorite piece though is my llama artwork from HomeGoods. His name is Albert Pacca, his friends call him Al… see what I did there!? My husband and I agreed he was perfect for our room. We’re a silly pair and love to laugh, we saw Albert and joked that nothing sets a mood like a llama giving you “come hither eyes” hahaha, I love my hubby. Any-who, Albert may be a less traditional choice for master bedroom decor, but he’s perfect for us.

Well there you have it, our master bedroom makeover. What do you think!? Id love to hear. I have linked all of the items used in this space below. Check it out!


Modern Fabric Bed

Ezra Rug

Puffy King Mattress


Large Pom Pom Cotton Blanket

Gray Striped Linen

Murphy Collection Task lamp

Siegel 6 Drawer Dresser Walnut

Project 62 Loring Nightstand

Hudson Industrial Desk Lamp


Alpaca Print


Framed Cactus Wall Prints

Real Wood Floating Shelf

Lanna Sheepskin Throw

Charme Tan Leather Ottoman

Threshold Floral Art 2 Pack

Pink Pom Pom Blanket & Belly Basket are from Shop Eclectic Collective

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