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We live in an older home and most of the rooms do not have overhead lighting. This makes choosing the right lighting crucial for function, in addition to it simply being beautiful.

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I don’t like talking about money… in fact I hate it. BUT I have been asked a ton, and I mean A TON for a budget breakdown of this kitchen makeover. What did it cost? How much did you get sponsored versus how much did you actually spend? So I am going to break it down for you below. Full disclosure the finishes and high end touches in this kitchen were made possible by the amazing sponsors we had access to. Our budget alone could not have created this end result, our dream kitchen, and we are immensely grateful to them all.

Total Cost: $59,751.65 (Our Cost + Sponsor Contribution)

Our Total Cost: $27,241.15 (Labor Cost: $14,250.00 + Material Cost: $12,991.15)

Total Sponsor Contribution: $32,510.50

Full Budget Breakdown-

$0- Demo (us)

$134.00 -Permit

$400- Dumpster Rental

$3059.15 – Semihandmade (sponsored)

$2795.00- Ikea Bases

$2450- Ikea/Semihandmade Install

$4500 -Callacatta Quartz Counters (sponsored)

$3500- Counter Fabrication

$3500- Tile Install

$3700- Electrical

$2000 – Drywall Smooth Coat

$1198.32- Cabinet Hardware (sponsored)

$1690.00- Pendant Lighting (sponsored)

$903.90- Sconce Lighting (sponsored)

$14,423.00 – Cafe Appliance Suite (sponsored)

$0- Appliance Install (us)

$2400- Hardwood Flooring (sponsored)

$0- Floor Install (us)

$2119.91- Zellige Tile & Grout (partial sponsor)

$1538.00 -Quartz Sink (sponsored)

$0- Plumbing install (us)

$661.00- Pantry Door (sponosred)

$1649.00- Brass Swiss Barn Door Sliding System

$3750- 2 Custom Windows

$900- Window Install

$0- Window Trim Install (us)

$0- Painting (us)

$0- Baseboard Install (us)

$1439.48- Floating Shelf Systems (sponosred)

$269.54- Loloi Runner (sponsored)

$506.35 -Matte Black Faucet

$140.00 -Shannon Artwork (sponsored)

$25.00- Frame

$500.00- Supplies like: Lumbar, Paint, Nails, Caulk etc.


Looking at the breakdown, we could have drastically reduced our personal output had we done all of the labor ourselves. Unfortunately counter fabrication, major electrical work and precision drywall repair/texture are outside of our skill set. The tile we opted to hire out because Zellige is a very difficult install due to its handmade imperfections.

Our personal max budget was $25k and we went over by $2,241.15. We would not change a thing about the finished product so that slight overage was worth it to us, but we would have likely opted to attempt more of the labor ourselves, if we did it again, to cut cost.

To see full kitchen makeover Before & After plus get links to all of the materials listed above go: HERE


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